Monday, November 25, 2013

Blue blue blue

We got a lot of blue items from the students. I love the range in materials and items that people were inclined to bring in. We have anywhere from a pen to a iron to a mascarade mask. I dont see cluter when I see this table, I just see blue. I love when everything is the same color, it calms the color organizing OCD i have inside me my favorite item would probably have to be the blue mask because it is just so different from everything else that people brought in. On the table there is a lot of repeat topics.  Many students brought in some sort of school supplies, whether its. A pen, a folder, a paper, a lunch tray or a textbook, and so on.  Another category was beauty supply; body mists, and nail polish and perfume and more.  The final popular category was cleaning supplies; sponges and cleaners and water helped fill the table. This shows what kinda of people we are, the kind that our daily lives involve just this, working and school and looks.  We are a moving society that cares a lot about our looks and our appearence and that is replicated in our blue collection.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hoarding or Collecting?

Theres a difference, a big one.  A collection is something that a person has a desire for a specific item or types of items that all get gathered together. Thats what collecting is, to gather. Hoarding however is like clutter that somehow people have connections too. Clutter like old magazines and used paper plates. A collection is something fun while hoarding is somewhat of a problem.  I have a collection at my home. A few different ones actually. I collect them for the fun of knowing one day i will have a lot. I have many snow globes from all over America and sometimes elsewhere. I also have a collection of foreign money. I collect because they are fun to look at, and fun to have knowing they could be cool to pass down one day.  If i were a hoarder i would probably not even be able to get rid of some broken snow globes, so thankfully this is a safe collection. The artists we learned about were all very interesting but many had a lot o hoarding tendencies that made me cringe. So much junk is just no good no matter what. Im glad im just a collector.