Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art x 3

In this project we had to pass along the projects to other people, so that when we got the third one, we had to make it ours.  This was the hardest project so far... It was beyond hard to let go of each piece and then somehow turn the last piece into "my own".  The first piece I worked on I had no idea what to do, it was so scary using this blank white paper to create something that was going to completely change two more times.  The second one was a little easier because I had something to work on top of, it felt like a real collage. However, the third one was the hardest.  I received this scary looking eyeball raining down on the letters dream.  I didn't feel that it was anything that I could call my own, so I completely changed it.  It became orange, with pictures of couples, representing the dreams of having a love life in Hollywood.  A few hidden Pictures show through to symbolize the elements included in a celebrity life.  The first layer of words shows through a little and adds to the final touch.  I enjoy my final piece a lot and I hope you do too! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's my Fortune?

Fortune cookies have always been fun, but I never imagined making art out of them! A lot of my fortunes had to do with "doing my own thing" or "life is going well" or "soon you will receive..." It was all happy things.  Also, when I think of Chinese food and such, I always think yellow and red, so that's what I did.  I drew a simple, nice, and cheery drawing of flowers and layered it with yellow tissue and hidden inside all the fortunes and the Chinese symbols.  I love the language of Chinese because it just looks so cool, so I included the symbols in it too.  And finally, the whole picture is shinny symbolizing the bag the fortune cookies come in.  I tried to make it as happy and cheery as possible!

Pop prints...

I enjoyed the pop prints a lot, we got to cut out own stamps and do with it whatever we were lead to do.  I chose to layer gold and black on top of each other on top of black paper to kind of show stacks of first place ribbons.  As if they were in a messy pile.  My reaction looking back now is that it is very relevant to my life, it shows that no matter how many prizes are won, they are still left in a messy pile proving that it doesn't mean everything.  I hope you all enjoy this piece, because I happen to think it really pops!