Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Story time

Just like most families, this one started off with just two. The beginning starts when the two became one, and the life of being a married couple took over. The johnsons were typical in this way, and also in the thought of having a child. After many months she became pregnant and carried the child for 4 months before it could live no longer. They were devestated, however, just months later they tried again. This time, a healthy baby girl was born, and brought them such happiness. And here is where our story begins. This little girl had a special power, only known by her parents and hidden from everyone else. She could transform herself into any shapeof a living creature. The only problem was she could not control it, unexpectedly she would turn from a dog into a lizard back into a girl. The only time her powers would disappear was during a rainstorm. These strange happenings kept the family inside and hidden for years. This locked door brought great saddness upon them and destroyed all chances of a normal life. Unlike most stories, there is no true happy ending, although the family continued to grow in number there always would be their first born, behind a locked door, in the attic away from everyone. This is no story tale, this is a true story from just a few years ago, and she lives on, forever locked in her tower.