Monday, June 9, 2014

Is it over?

Why has something so good have to end so quickly? This was my first year of art and I feel as if I have more to give.  The fate of not starting art earlier was a bad one, but who says I have to stop here.  I loved many projects we have done this year but also realized somethings that weren't meant for me.  Drawing I fell in love with and I hope it does not stop here.  Also, pottery turned out to be much better after I got used to it.  Throughout the year I grew significantly, and not just in art.  I grew as a person and in how I view myself.  With many great teachers I learned my strengths and my weaknesses. I wish I could live it again, senior year was so much fun.  I never thought, thinking back to my freshman year, that I would have come as far as I have.  Even on a pride level, for one of my art pieces was chosen to be shown in a county wide art show.  I am thankful for the times of learning I have had I just wish this art class could continue another year! I'm actually going to miss this place!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time capsule

This time capsule signifies many important concepts of my life today.  There are normal items inside, like a dollar bill, and a key chain, but also items important to me.  Right now, these things mean the world to me, however, I wonder if they will in 20 years.  I chose items such as notes from certain days of school or money to signify how life is now.  What I missed school for and also the fact that I can spare a dollar in this age.  I also added a few personal items, things that would remind me of how I was as a person.  This time capsule will truly remind myself what it was like to be in the year 2014 but also what I was like.  The outer coating is something I really liked.  It is a bunch of different colors signaling the happiness in this year, and the diversity around me.  I hope that part of me never changes.