Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time capsule

This time capsule signifies many important concepts of my life today.  There are normal items inside, like a dollar bill, and a key chain, but also items important to me.  Right now, these things mean the world to me, however, I wonder if they will in 20 years.  I chose items such as notes from certain days of school or money to signify how life is now.  What I missed school for and also the fact that I can spare a dollar in this age.  I also added a few personal items, things that would remind me of how I was as a person.  This time capsule will truly remind myself what it was like to be in the year 2014 but also what I was like.  The outer coating is something I really liked.  It is a bunch of different colors signaling the happiness in this year, and the diversity around me.  I hope that part of me never changes.


  1. I like how you compared the colors on your time capsule to your life with the happiness and diversity!

  2. I like how you collaged the paper around to spell out the time. The box looks cool